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MoldScan – Expert level sampling without the high cost.

Our sampling system provides you with the exact same equipment utilized by industrial hygienists and mold inspectors.  This allows our customers to obtain the same pro-level data without the high cost associated with an on-site inspection.

First, is toxic mold really dangerous?

Ironically, the term “toxic mold” is a bit of a misnomer.  In fact, we don’t use the term in our local mold inspection and mold remediation business.  The latest research indicates that although some molds are capable of producing toxins, the exposure level to a human is insufficient to cause negative health effects.  Read more about it at Environix

Therefore, we now focus on the allergenic reaction to mold as the primary health concern.  Unfortunately, when we created the website 7 years ago, the medical community was heavily promoting the dangers of toxic mold.  And now, it’s too late to change our domain name!

How does the process work?

  1. We send you the equipment
  2. You collect the samples
  3. Send it back to us
  4. We’ll analyze the samples and email you the results
small mold test kit


Mold test kit with allergen screen

MoldScan + Allergen Screen







What type of issues are a good candidate for a MoldScan?

Rentals. Landlords are often not terribly excited about covering the cost of an on-site mold inspection.  Especially if they know you have a solid case for breaking the lease.  If money isn’t an issue, the best solution is to hire a local inspector on your own.  However, this is often cost prohibitive for renters, as the cost of an inspection can easily exceed $500.  The best approach is to start with a MoldScan.  This allows you to identify any problems without incurring the cost of a full inspection.  If the results come back positive, you’ll have solid data when you ask the landlord to address the issue.

Must odors. Unexplained odors are an excellent candidate for MoldScan.  The non-viable sampling techniques allows us to identify the presence of elevated mold spores that may be the cause of your musty odor.

Local inspectors are too expensive. The mold inspection and testing industry is full of unscrupulous individuals who think nothing of charging $1,500 for unnecessary and uninformative tests.  If you cannot find a qualified local inspector at a reasonable price,